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Freshly ground, compostable single-cup "Steeped" coffee bag.



Single-serve bags are perfect for the outdoors,
camping, backpacking and traveling

On-the-go, convenient, light, pre-portioned individual coffee bags – the perfect solution for great gourmet coffee for traveling, outdoor adventures, camping, hiking, backpacking, and hospitality.

Enjoy Nobletree’s award-winning taste in premium light and dark roasts with strong flavor notes to start your day. 

No chemicals, no pods, no machines, no noise, no waste! Our compostable, individual bags reduce equipment overhead with low to zero
maintenance needed.

Our bags are guilt-free packaging, made of eco-friendly, renewable, and compostable materials. Each bag is nitro-sealed for freshness and regulates water in for maximum flavor when fully immersed.

OurOur Steeped Coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified and Fair Trade USA Certified. This is our way to contribute to a Better Future For People & Nature.




Steeped coffee are single-serve bags of coffee that are conveniently pre-portioned, lightweight, and travel-friendly that only require hot water to brew. But best of all, Nobletree steeped coffee bags are nitro-sealed for freshness and are made with eco-friendly, renewable, and compostable materials allowing you to enjoy your coffee guilt-free at home or on the go. Each bag is packed fresh with 100% direct trade specialty coffee. You can enjoy notes of chocolate, hazelnut, or pear with our Dromedaire Cuvée Light-Medium roast or the bold flavors of molasses, hazelnut, and caramel in our Defiance dark roast. Each steeped roast uses sustainably sourced beans from our farms in Monte Verde, Brazil.

Key Qualities of Steeped Coffee:

  • Available in different roast profiles 
  • Packaged in ready-to-go bags that are travel friendly 
  • pour over quality without the setup 

The beauty of steeped coffee is that you only need to add hot water to enjoy! However, we have some tips to get the best tasting cup from each bag. After you add the hot water, we’ve found that it is best to dunk the bag for 15-30 seconds and then wait 5+ minutes before enjoying. We recommend continuing to steep and remove the bag once the desired taste is achieved. You can also use our single-serve bags to make a steeped cold brew. Simply pour filtered water over the bag, cover, and chill for 12-24 hours before enjoying.

Steeped coffee is different from instant coffee; it is not freeze-dried and contains no crystals or additives. Instant coffee goes through a multistep process that essentially produces a dehydrated coffee powder. Steeped coffee is fresh, gourmet coffee that is ground and ready to brew in single-serve sustainable bags.  

Dromedaire Cuvée is a light/medium roast with flavor notes of Chocolate, Hazelnut and Pear.

Defiance is a dark roast with flavor notes of Molasses, Hazelnut, and Caramel.

Both Brazilian roasts are single-origin, and Kosher, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade USA, and UTZ Certified.

  • -Full Immersion Filter
  • -Biodegradeable non-GMO woven bag
  • -Ultrasonic Sealed with no glue or staples
  • -Enlarged bag for the ultimate brew ratios
  • -Made from renewable and compostable material
  • -Nitro sealed for freshness
  • -High barrier for long-lasting shelf life

Our nobletree steeped single-serve bags are meant for the people who enjoy the outdoors to enjoy a light, fast, and eco-friendly solution for specialty coffee.

Steeped is ideal for camping, backpacking, bike packers, fishermen, and anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a brewing apparatus but wants to enjoy their day with gourmet specialty coffee.

Hit the road with your single-serve Steeped bags today

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Our single-serve steeped bags are great for everything from camping, to backpacking and bike packing, to the morning commute. Instant coffees and other lesser single-serve coffees may compromise quality for convenience, but our precision grinding and sealing process ensures freshness and specialty level quality. Steeped coffee is also the simplest way to enjoy a quality cup of coffee, perfect for each persons’ individual preference and style without the need to purchase or learn complicated and expensive machinery.   

We are passionate about our coffees, and it shows in our dedication to quality and taste. Check out our shop page to explore our other steeped, whole bean, and ground coffee varieties today! 

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