Royal Roast

Brazilian micro-lot beans, hand picked from terraced mountain shade

Handpicked, Anaerobically fermented for 24-hours & cultivated by our farm director.

Micro-Lot &
Sustainably Produced

Micro-Lot &
Sustainably Produced

Royal Roast micro-lot beans represent the finest of this year’s harvest

Nobletree’s micro-lot beans are sustainably grown for the highest standard of quality. They are harvested to be the best beans possible with exceptional cupping scores and display desirable flavor notes and characteristics.
Our beans are traceable to specific fields and harvest dates at our Santa Izabel and Monte Verde Farms. They are grown and cultivated from the same climate, soil, and altitude.
These beans have limited availability due to our crop size. We carefully sort and process them separately from other larger lots and then protect them during exporting and storage.
A micro-lot coffee ensures you enjoy a distinct taste experience. In addition, it’s more pure or clean in taste since the beans are grown and processed in the same way.
Fermentation is the key to proper micro-lot coffee notes. Fermenting our micro-lot coffee in an oxygen-deprived environment creates an entirely different taste for the coffee bean.

Our Royal Roast Coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified and Fair Trade USA Certified. This is our way to contribute to a better future for people and nature and support sustainability.



Our Micro-lot coffee is sustainably produced, quality coffee that is cultivated from the same climate, soil and altitude. It is processed with care and provides with a unique tasting experience. Royal Roast is harvested from our Santa Izabel Farm and processed in a separate way from the rest of the coffees, to amplify their special qualities and taste. 

Our micro-lot coffee is traceable. Traceability is not only becoming more desired but also easier to execute. While most coffee is blended and exported in regional lots, Nobletree can trace lots of coffees from a single acre on our farms.  The most traceable lots are often referred to as ‘micro-lots,’ a term that may cause some confusion. Although this term is applied differently around the world, usually micro-lots are single farm coffees, selected for quality.

Micro-lots are selected for their high quality and unique flavor profiles. Our micro-lots are picked and processed entirely separately from the rest of the farm’s lots. Each of these plots vary due to a number of reasons — a different coffee varietal, shade tree and the amount of  sunlight received. It also changes with different altitudes within the farm and the direction in which the plot faces. The right combination of these will lead to unique flavors in the coffee, different from the standard taste profile.

Taste coffee with integrity and excellence. Join our Micro-Lot journey today!

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