Royal Roast

Brazilian micro-lot beans, hand picked from terraced mountain shade

Handpicked, Anaerobically fermented for 24-hours & cultivated by our farm director.



It's perfect for the outdoors,
traveling, and camping.

Convenient, pre-portioned
individual bags perfect for for
traveling, outdoors, and

Award-winning taste with premium light and dark precision ground roasts. It’s gourmet coffee on the-go.

Portable, travel-friendly, and
light-weight. No chemicals, no pods, no
machines, no noise, no waste.
Steeped reduces equipment
overhead with low to zero
maintenance needed.

Guilt-free packaging made of eco-friendly, renewable, and compostable materials. Contains a Full Immersion Filter that regulates ideal water-in, and maximum flavor-out. Each bag has a long shelf life with nitro sealed packaging for maximum freshness. All while meeting sustainability and efficiency goals.

Truly Royal Coffee

Certifications & Associations

Sustainable Agriculture:
Produced Responsibly

Pledge to Improve The Life of Farmers & Workers

Create a Better Future For People & Nature

Food Safety & Quality in Manufacturing

Foster Trade, Commerce And Interest in The Specialty Food

Improve The Quality of Coffee And The Lives of People Who Produce It.

Make coffee sustainable, equitable, & thriving activity for the value chain


  • Made Using Renewable and Compostable Material
  • Nitro Sealed for freshness
  • High Barrier for lasting shell life


  • Hand Roasted in Small Batches
  • 100% Specialty Coffee no crystals or additives
  • Full Immersion Filter for perfect steeping
  • Biodegradable non-GMO woven bag
  • Ultrasonic Sealed with no glues or staples
  • Precision Ground and Pre-Dosed for Consistency
  • Enlarged Bag for optimum brew ratios
  • Direct Trade specialty coffee (farm to cup, and beyond)


Dromidaire Cuvee Light-Medium Roast & Defiance Dark Roast. Sold in 10-Pack Cartons
  • -Full Immersion Filter
  • -Biodegradeable non-GMO woven bag
  • -Ultrasonic Sealed with no glue or staples
  • -Enlarged bag for the ultimate brew ratios
  • -Made from renewable and compostable material
  • -Nitro sealed for freshness
  • -High barrier for long-lasting shelf life

Our nobletree steeped single-serve bags are meant for the people who enjoy the outdoors to enjoy a light, fast, and eco-friendly solution for specialty coffee.

Steeped is ideal for camping, backpacking, bike packers, fishermen, and anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a brewing apparatus but wants to enjoy their day with gourmet specialty coffee.

Hit the road with your single-serve Steeped bags today

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