Nobletree Farms Collection

Our story starts at our farms in Brazil. We started by growing the seeds, nurturing them, harvesting and milling the seeds, exporting them to Red Hook, Brooklyn where we carefully roast the coffee. Our baristas, the last step in our vertically integrated chain, skillfully prepare the coffee. READ MORE BELOW…


Both farms are award-winning finalists in the Brazil Cup of Excellence competition and have won numerous accolades for quality and excellence. We’d love to have you come visit our farms anytime, but until then, we’ll keep bringing the coffee directly to you!

This set includes our flagship Dromedaire CuvĂ©e blend. A comforting coffee that boasts notes of chocolate and hazelnut with a big body. The second coffee in this set is our Fazenda Monte Verde Microlot, a highly prized yellow bourbon varietal grown in a section of the farm where the majority of our award-winning coffees come from. Included is a Nobletree Coffee, SCAA-certified cupping bowl. It’s the same bowl that our coffee experts use to grade the quality of coffee. We think it doubles as wonderful mug without handles! These two coffees are shipped in a beautifully designed gift box with a high quality Sundance Felt label. This set is a wonderful gift for friends and family or as a treat to yourself!