Hario V60 Smart Scale

Model Number: VST-2000B
Dimensions: 4.75” w x 7.5” d x 1.125” h
Weight: .6 lbs.
Material: Plastic

Manufacturer Accuracy Assurance Range:
-Weighing between 2g and up to 200g: +/- .2g
-Weighing between 200g and up to 500g: +/- 1g
-Weighing between 500g and up to 2000g: +/- 3g

In stock (can be backordered)


The Hario V60 smart scale and timer is designed to accompany the V60 Drip station.  Use this scale for precision measurement of coffee and pour-over time but keep it on the kitchen counter for any food prep use or even light postage.

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