Dromedaire Cuvée Single Serve 10-Pack Box


| 10-Pack Box

Dromedaire Cuvée is a light-medium roast specialty coffee with flavor notes of chocolate, hazelnut flavor, and a touch of pear. This light-medium roast highlights subtle hints of their origin and is traceable back to their specific plots at our farm in Brazil.

These single-serve steeped coffee bags are filled with hand-roasted, specialty coffee and are crafted for great taste, quality, convenience, and sustainability. Each bag is nitro-sealed for freshness with packaging that’s made with compostable, renewable materials. Every cup is delicious, guilt-free, eco-friendly, and on-the-go ready. Each bag is pre-proportioned and made for traveling and outdoor adventures.

This is a 10-Pack Box.

Our Steeped Coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified & Faire Trade Certified. This is our way to contribute to a Better Future For People & Nature

Steeped is the easiest way
to brew specialty coffee outdoors.

Dromedaire Cuvée

Steeped Coffee Features

Dromedaire Cuvée is a light medium roast specialty coffee with flavor notes of chocolate, hazelnut flavor and a touch of pear.

How to Brew

Place Nobletree filter in standard cup and slowly pour over 8oz hot water per bag.
Dunk Nobletree Bag for 15 seconds until you see light brown crema form—much like a French press. Dunk longer for added strength.
Leave the Nobletree Bag in your cup. Steep for 5+ minutes until preferred taste.
Map of Brazil


The Farm Santa Izabel has always been recognized for the high quality of its coffees. Nobletree Coffee Farms acquired Santa Izabel, located in the south of Minas Gerai, in 2013 and began transforming it into a sustainable, world-class coffee bean producer. By 2017, our new crops started to harvest. Now in 2020, the older sections are experiencing rejuvenation for stability and sustained growth.

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