French Press Brew Guide

Press pots, or “French press,” come in many different sizes. Use the ratio of one part coffee to sixteen parts water and adjust to your taste.

26g of coarse ground coffee (or about 4 x 1tbsp coffee scoops )
415g of water just off boil (~200-205F | ~14 fl oz)
A spoon or two

*This recipe is for a “four cup french press”. It can be scaled to fit your press pot.

  1. Add 26g over very-coarse ground coffee to the bottom of the French press.
  2. Start a timer and pour your water with vigor to fully saturate all the coffee grounds, aiming to begin extraction in all parts of the coffee bed around the same time while filling the pot. Place the lid gently on top to retain heat in the brewer.
  3. After 4:00, remove the lid and “break the crust” with the spoon by stirring gently no more than three times. This will weaken the coffee bed’s resistance to the plunger, making it easier to filter the coffee and limiting the threat of overextracting bitter flavors. For a cleaner cup, take another spoon and “skim” the foam off the top of the pot.
  4. Depress the plunger and serve immediately.