Nobletree Coffee is the culmination of passion and precision. Through our dedicated work as farmers, roasters, and baristas, we offer specialty coffees meticulously produced on our own farms and sourced from around the world. We’ve spent the past few years working our farms in Brazil to understand the variables that affect quality, and how we can create sustainable practices to ensure the longevity of our environment and well-being of our staff. By taking ownership of our chain – from the craft of coffee farming… to the milling… to the exporting… to the roasting and the art of serving you your coffee… we are proud to present you the Nobletree Coffee experience. Whether we are farming our own farms, or sourcing from other farms around the world to round out our portfolio, we hope you will enjoy the Nobletree approach to coffee. Journey with us from soil to sip.

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Nobletree’s name reflects the coffee tree’s alluring history and is a nod of respect to those who first transported coffee trees from their native home in Ethiopia to the tropics of the Atlantic. Today, Nobletree Coffee continues that tradition of respect by valuing everyone involved in growing, roasting, and preparing coffee as team members united in working toward the common goal of delivering a superior product to the most discerning consumers.

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Nobletree’s vertically integrated business model is unique for the coffee industry. Our passion begins with the soil on our two award-winning Brazilian farms, Fazenda Santa Izabel and Fazenda Monte Verde in Minas Gerais. Our dedicated agronomy team carefully selects the coffee varietals most suited to the farms’ microclimates and monitors cultivation through innovative precision agriculture techniques.

Nobletree’s coffees are separated and processed in small batches using diverse processing methods that best unlock each coffee’s singular attributes. The result is an array of vibrant, exciting coffees with fully traceable and transparent histories. Much of our work on our farms are dedicated to investigation and experimentation, including planting new varietals at varying elevations and sun-exposure, and applying creative processing methods in order to yield an unparalleled matrix of coffee offerings. Since we monitor and control the entire production process, our coffees are inherently sustainable and our farms are designed to endure for future generations.


After the coffee has been wet milled at the farm, it heads over to our dry mill facilities. There, our coffee, in addition to coffee from other producers in the region, is hulled, polished, cleaned, sorted, graded and prepped for export. Our dry milling operations and buying offices are located in both South Minas and Lower Mogiana in Brazil. We are situated in Ouro Fino-MG and Espirito Santo do Pinhal-SP, between the biggest growing regions and the port of Santos. We have been working with farmers of all sizes, providing transparency and the highest quality coffee.


Our state-of-the-art roasting facility is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The roasting facility has been meticulously built out to encompass the intricate details of producing phenomenal coffee. With a temperature and humidity controlled green coffee storage area, and vintage, rebuilt Probat roasters, all combined with an SCAA certified teaching lab, every detail has been masterfully designed to maximize the Nobletree experience.

Nobletree Coffee is the result of the combined experience and expertise of the team of passionate professionals behind it. Director of Agribusiness, Byron Holcomb merges New York specialty coffee experience to align our farm operations to the modern day specialty coffee market.

At Nobletree we are never complacent and we work tirelessly to bring you the best coffee products and experiences. The benefit of being a truly vertically integrated company is that we do not employ “Soil to Sip” as convenient catchphrase; for us, coffee—from the fertile ground of our farms to the velvety foam of the perfect latte—is an all-encompassing way of life. This comprehensive, inclusive understanding of the ways in which coffee connects people to the environment and to each other is what we strive to offer you with every bean and every cup.
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