About Nobletree

Nobletree started with the belief that the best coffee is delivered directly from the farm to your table.

Our quality begins with the soil, harvested beans, and sustainable farming practices. It ends with our artisan roasting and grinding process.

We roast daily in small batches so we can manually control all stages of the roasting process. We roast by hand and maintain strict quality control to ensure a consistent cup each and every time. We pride ourselves on delivering fresh, complex coffees with every order.

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Nobletree Coffee is Established Since 2013

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"Nobletree is an innovative coffee brand of farmers, roasters, and baristas, based in Brooklyn, New York, with proprietary coffee farms in Brazil."
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"The team behind Nobletree coffee roasters is serious about the perfect cup..."
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"Nobletree Coffee is unveiling a shop in front of its Red Hook, Brooklyn, roasting facility... The setting is worth the trip."
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"Along with striking views of the New York Bay and the Statue of Liberty... patrons can also take in the sites of Nobletree's vintage restored and modified Probat roasters."
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"Managing the entire length of a coffee chain is a business bet that is paying off for a Brooklyn roastery, its two farms, and mill and warehouse in Brazil and a coffee shop in the heart of New York City"
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"On its Brazilian farms, Nobletree Coffee plants trees in different locations to gauge site influence... The uptick in "micro-lots" shows promise in identifying special sites, much like single-vineyard wines."

Third Wave Coffee, Done Right.

Nobletree’s vertically integrated business model is unique for the coffee industry. Through our dedicated work as farmers and roasters, our customers continue to expect a dynamic and diverse portfolios of micro-lots and single origin coffees from our privately-owned farms, Fazenda Santa Izabel and Fazenda Monte Verde in Minas Gerais.
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We’ve spent the past few years working to understand the variables that affect quality, and how we can create sustainable practices. By taking ownership of our chain – from the craft of coffee farming… to the milling… to the exporting… to the roasting of our coffee…we continue to ensure the longevity of our environment, the well-being of our farm families and a world class coffee bean.

Our dedicated agronomy team carefully selects the coffee varietals most suited to the farms’ microclimates and monitors cultivation through the latest agriculture techniques. Nobletree’s coffees are separated and processed in small batches using diverse processing methods unlock each coffee’s singular attributes. The result is an array of flavorful coffees with fully traceable and transparent histories.

Transparency is fundamental to Nobletee. The nature of our product allows us to have insight into every aspect of our supply chain as well as knowledge of where our beans are grown. That means our coffee is fresh and safe.

Our tight supply chain also means a more direct path from farms to your cup. We also hold a food safety certification from the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Food Safety Code, widely considered to be one of the most rigorous and comprehensive food safety standards in the world. 

Still, much of our work on our farms are dedicated to investigation and experimentation, including planting new varietals at varying elevations and sun-exposure, and applying creative processing methods in order to yield a strong matrix of coffee offerings.

Since we monitor and control the entire production process, our coffees are inherently sustainable and our farms are designed to endure for future generations.

Explore our Farms

Learn more about our Monte Verde and Santa Izabel farms.

Farm: Monte Verde

Fazenda Monte Verde, a consistent finalist in the Brazilian Cup of Excellence Competition, is located in the municipality of Carmo de Minas in the Mantiqueira region, which has excellent growing conditions for the production of high quality coffees and is internationally recognized for coffee exports.

  • Coffee Beans & Leaf Icon

    Yellow bourbon, yellow icatu, mundo novo, yellow catuaí and red catuaí and acaiá. We also have a variety garden with over 40 varieties in the test phase.

  • Process Icon

    Pulped Natural is when the coffee fruit skin is removed, leaving almost all of the pulp still on the beans, before letting it dry. We increase the cup quality and decrease the possibility of defects.

  • Coffee Spill Icon

    Fragrance and aroma of caramel, citric acidity, apple, dense and creamy body, great honey sweetness, floral flavor, yellow fruits, papaya, damascus and melon.

  • South America Icon

    Carmo De Minas -mg 1150m to 1250m above sea level

Farm: Santa Izabel

The Farm Santa Izabel has always been recognized for the high quality of its coffees. Nobletree Coffee Farms acquired Santa Izabel, located in the south of Minas Gerai, in 2013 and began transforming it into a sustainable, world-class coffee bean producer. By 2017, our new crops started to harvest. Now in 2020, the older sections are experiencing rejuvenation for stability and sustained growth.

  • Coffee Beans & Leaf Icon

    Yellow Bourbon, Arara Yellow Catuai Red Catuai Icatu Mundo Novo

  • Process Icon

    Pulped Natural is when the coffee fruit skin is removed, leaving almost all of the pulp still on the beans, before letting it dry. We increase the cup quality and decrease the possibility of defects.

  • Coffee Spill Icon

    Fragrance and aroma of chocolate and caramel, citric acidity, bright orange, velvety soft body, great honey sweetness, sugar cane, floral and fruity flavor, jasmine, papaya, apricot, apple.

  • South America Icon

    Ouro Fino – mg 1150m above sea level

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Company History

Brew yourself a cup of coffee & scroll through our timeline. With every sip, you’ll uncover every step that made your premium coffee possible.
Nobletree Coffee was established in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York. Our headquarters and state-of-the-art roasting facility is located on the water with expansive views of the Statue of Liberty.
We began our farm partnership with 2 coffee farms in the Mantiqueira region of Brazil. To this day, we actively work with social programs to protect and enrich the lives of the farm families and employees.
Our flagship website was launched and we were able to share our company story and products on a larger scale. Orders for our premium coffee came rolling in as we sold and shipped our first online purchase!
We opened our first brick and mortar cafe in New York City, East Village.
Our tasting room opened at our roasting facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York. Our roasters and baristas are never complacent and we work tirelessly to bring you the best coffee possible.
We started brewing up premium coffee in a premium location when we opened a cafe and retail shop inside the World Trade Center in Manhattan.
Our Santa Izabel farm received Rainforest Alliance Certification, one of the most important and significant certifications on the market.
Concerned about the quality of life of our farmer partners, Nobletree Coffee and Farms launched the Neighbors and Friends program to support our producers with post-harvest guidance, drying methods, cupping, and coffee sales.
Our two farms went through major renovations (soil and leaf analysis, fertilization, crops varieties, and processing) to produce better quality micro-lot harvests to support national U.S.A. distribution.
Nobletree Coffee Roasters launches national USA distribution of our Specialty and Micro-lot coffees from our Red Hook facility to consumers via Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Kroger.com, and more.

Awards Timeline

Over the years, the coffee produced at both our farms has been internationally recognized. Start scrolling to take a journey through our awards.
BSCA Aroma Contest: Santa Izabel Farm (90.30 Points)

2020 International Cup of Excellence: Santa Izabel Farm (88.15 Points)
3rd Place
BSCA Aroma Contest: Santa Izabel Farm (89.56 Points)

The National Phase Cup of Excellence: Monte Verde Farm

23rd Place
International Cup of Excellence: Santa Izabel Farm (86.87 Points)

2nd Place
BSCA Aroma Contest Washed Category: Santa Izabel Farm

19th Place
International Cup of Excellence: Monte Verde Farm (86.97 Points)

1st Place
BSCA 25 Year Contest Washed Category: Santa Izabel Farm

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